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Head out on the highway faster with our individually tailored finance and insurance packages – we work alongside you to make affording your dream car a reality.

It all starts with listening carefully to your budget and future goals. Our expert finance team want to be sure you're completely happy and comfortable with your finance and insurance packages, so we take extra time getting to know you and find a solution that works.

We’re accredited car finance professionals.

You’ll find our Business Managers friendly, professional and approachable – they’re industry trained to deal with your sensitive financial information with extra care and understanding.

We’ll run through all your options in plain English, so you know exactly what’s required from the outset.  That way you can make the most informed decision to suit your budget.

A wide range of packages for every situation.

Get into your new car faster – we’ve got a host of flexible finance and insurance solutions to choose from:

  • Customised finance packages – ask about out fixed repayment loans, including consumer finance, leasing, hire purchase and chattel mortgages
  • Structure your repayments – enjoy complete flexibility and configure your repayments to suit your budget for any time of the year
  • Protect yourself and your car – get a tailored insurance package, including GAP cover, loan protection, tyre and rim insurance, extended warranties and heaps more
  • Finance and Insurance under one roof – simplify your paperwork and combine packages in the one single location, so you drive away faster
  • Fast approvals – we’re super efficient (unlike the banks!), so all you need to do is sign the paperwork when you come to pick up your new car
  • Enjoy higher credit ratings – We’ll give you a credit reference so you’ll enjoy more financial freedom to choose the loan that suits you when you next take out finance.

Organising your finance and insurance in a single location lets you take advantage of our quick, efficient approvals process – so you’re behind the wheel of your new car faster.

Personal Finance Options

Ford Consumer Loan
The Ford Consumer Loan is designed to allow you to keep it simple and choose your repayment period and make regular monthly instalments, with a fixed interest
rate. You can repay the Ford Consumer Loan in full by equal payments over your chosen loan period OR you can defer part of the cost of your Ford to the end of the Ford Consumer Loan with a larger final payment – this enables you to lower your regular monthly instalments.

You can also make additional payments throughout the lifetime of the loan that will lower the amount of interest you pay and shorten the term of the loan. In addition, you can choose to fully repay your Ford Consumer Loan early and own the vehicle sooner.

If you choose to have a larger final payment, then when it falls due you have three options:

  • Buy a New Ford: trade in your existing vehicle and use its value to pay the final payment and enterinto a new Ford Consumer Loan.
  • Keep your Ford: pay the final payment or refinance the final payment for up to 3 more years.
  • Sell your Ford: Pay the final payment and sell your vehicle.

Ford Consumer Loan benefits:

  • Suitable for non-business customers
  • Choose from a range of deposits
  • Choose your repayment period
  • Add flexibility by tailoring your final instalment
  • Regular fixed monthly instalments
  • Fixed interest rate
  • At the end of the Ford Consumer Loan, you have 3 options

Personal Finance Options

Ford Personal Lease
Allows the advantages of leasing for private customers, and is suitable when you use the vehicle for personal use.  You can tailor your monthly payments by selecting the term (up to 5 years) and residual value, with payments in advance or arrears. This product has fixed monthly rental repayments and puts you in control of your financial budget.

Ford Personal Lease benefits:

  • Suitable for non-business customers
  • Choose a range of deposits
  • Choose your repayment period
  • Add flexibility by tailoring the residual value
  • Regular fixed monthly rental instalments

Business Financial Options

For business customers MyFord FINANCE has developed a range of finance and lease products to lower the cost of funding by potentially providing tax efficiencies, and are responsive and adaptable.

Ford Commercial Plan
This product is a Commercial Hire Purchase which offers business users advantages that assist with cash-flow.  The business user can tailor Ford Commercial Plan by selecting the contract term (up to 5 years), include a deposit, and nominate a larger final instalment to lower the regular monthly instalments to suit your budget. If the vehicle is used for income generating purposes, the interest charges and depreciation on the vehicle may be
tax deductible.

Ford Chattel Mortgage
This is a Ford Chattel Mortgage, which potentially offers certain business customers tax efficiency advantages that assist with cash-flow. If you are a customer that is registered for Goods and Services Tax (GST) you may be entitled to input tax credits (ITC) with respect to your acquisition of the vehicle.

The vehicle is owned by you and you can tailor your payments by selecting the term (up to 5 years) and incorporating a larger final payment.

Other flexible arrangements to match your cash flow can be arranged, such as seasonal payments and/or any GST refund being paid into the loan to reduce your regular monthly repayments and interest charges. Interest rates are fixed for the life of the loan. If the vehicle is used for income generating purposes, the interest charges and depreciation on the vehicle may be tax deductible.

Finance Lease
This finance lease product allows the business customer to utilise a vehicle without tying up capital. The lease can be tailored with rentals in advance or arrears, flexible terms up to 5 years and a residual value that is set to reflect the vehicle’s usage and Australian Taxation Office (ATO) guidelines. GST is included in each rental and the residual value. If your business is registered for GST, you may be able to claim an ITC for this GST.

Where the vehicle is used solely for business purposes, a tax deduction for the full rental may be available.

Ford Novated Lease
This product enables employees to salary-package their vehicles. The employee selects their Ford and, in conjunction with their employer, signs a novated lease agreement for an agreed term (up to 5 years) with monthly rentals and a final residual payment which is based on the minimum according to ATO guidelines. The monthly lease rentals, net of GST, may be taken from the employee’s pay reducing taxable income. The employer
pays the full monthly rental including GST to myFord FINANCE and may be able to claim the GST as an ITC.