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We're proud to be an integral part of the Dandenong and Hallam communities for over 60 years. That's why we support the following clubs, causes and events.

  • Trek Fondo Female Cycling Club: Click HERE to find out more about Trek Fondo.

Tour of East Gippsland

This February, the girls of Trek Fondo took the All New Escape to the Tour of East Gippsland! This is the first event of the VRS Calendar for the year, which includes three stages: 8km time trail, 70km Road race, and then another 50km road race spread across 2 days. 

The first two races are based near Metung, and then on Sunday moves to Lindenow.

This year the Trek Fondo girls had three Trek Fondo girls competing in Womens B and C grades. For Ella it was her first C grade event, where she placed 4th on stage 3. Niki and Anna raced in Womens B grade with a competitive group where we both finished in the top 10 of General Classification (GC). 

The race also includes Mens and Masters grades, and this year the tour included the National Road Series (NRS) race for elite women. 

Despite some light rain for the time trial the weather was great all weekend. 


See photos below:

Tour of East Gippsland Photos